The Strider of Chronos

Book 1 of the Spacetime Legacy (Formerly titled Storm Chase)
Carda Chase is looking forward to high school graduation, kicking back for the summer, and enjoying the thrills that Phoenix, Arizona has to offer.

When fire and lighting explode from his hands, Carda is plunged into a secret world of magic. The magical legacy of the Strider of Chronos–the mage with the powers of both time and space–has passed to him. Fortunately he has allies–his sister Michelle has gravity powers, catgirl Xironi has space powers, and rival Indal is a time mage werewolf. Between them, they might teach Carda enough about his powers to keep him from blowing himself up.

And they have to work fast, because now Carda is responsible not only for the well-being of Earth, but the multiverse. As the otherworldly Council breathes down Carda’s neck, a rogue space mage runs loose, committing magical crimes in his attempts to free a fallen angel from her inter-dimensional prison. And as her prison weakens, she plots to destroy the worlds–especially Earth.

Young Adult fantasy

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