Drawing fun

It’s really fun taking a reference and interpeting it into a picture.

Check this out. This is a Mesopotamian seal cylinder currently housed in the Louvre.


I tried to draw the closest approximation of a sauropod I could get.


It was actually really easy, because all the details are there, even the toes. I think this may have been a prosauropod, actually, because of the body’s slimness. Anyway, this was TONS of fun to draw. Also I made leaf brushes for the background, and I’m actually happy with how the foliage came out, for once. I have a ways to go still, but I’m on the right track.

I looked up Digimon season 1 for giggles the other day, and now the kids are totally hooked. I forgot how much I enjoyed Digimon, even though back when I originally watched it, I disapproved of anime and only watched it covertly.

I thought it’d be fun to draw Garurumon as if he was a real wolf.

Here’s the anime version:


Here’s my sketchy real-wolf version:


This is, like, disgustingly fun to draw. I’m totally going to do Graymon next (the t-rex one).


Eagle vs. siberian wolf

So, while searching through Google for good reference pictures of wolves, I happened across this pic.

Upon staring at it for a while, and going, “What in the HECK?” I clicked on the original site.

Turns out it’s a story about people in Central Asia who train golden eagles the way other people train small hawks and falcons, and they use them to cull the local wolf population or hunt them for fur. I think I read a book about them once (I’m not sure where it took place, but Central Asia seems about right), and it was utterly fascinating.

Here’s the blog if you want to see more far out pictures. With more details, too!

Book about similar people, Ali and the Golden Eagle