Worgen Sonic, basic shading

Back to work on Worgen Sonic in Warcraft armor. I actually would have gotten a lot farther on the background, but every time I clicked in the top right corner of the canvas, Painter would crash. So finally I just threw on a solid black layer and erased through it to show the gradient underneath. It’ll be fun to put on the highlights and details, but I thought I was lucky getting this far tonight, with Painter being ornery.

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Worgen Warcraft Sonic sketch


Commission: Worgen Sonic

Got a commission to draw Worgen Sonic, this time dressed up in Warcraft warrior armor.

Not sure if you can tell, but I changed the skull-like Dreadnaught armor shoulders into Iblis heads from Sonic 360. I thought it was more fitting a Sonic werewolf. 🙂

Another wereSonic

I just can’t leave WereSonic alone. It’s like a merging of my two favorite things: Sonic and werewolves.

This time with a new twist!

Take WereSonic …

Mix him with the worgen from World of Warcraft …

And this is what you get …

He’ll look more like Sonic once I color him. Gosh, I enjoy this far too much. It makes me giggle with such fangirl glee.