Surprise downpour

This morning, all of us were awakened out of a sound sleep by a crack of thunder like a gunshot. No rain, just loud snarly thunder.

It remained cloudy all morning with various rumbles of thunder. I did school with the kids, then decided to take the trash out.

I had taken the toddler with me. Imagine our surprise, when halfway to the dumpster, the heavens opened and it began to pour! Big drops, coming fast.

By the time we got to the dumpster and ran back, she and I were drenched. She thought it was the greatest fun ever, and stayed outside to play in the water.




Here they are catching water from the rain gutters, which transformed into miniature waterfalls.

The tree by our apartment was full of grackles and goldfinches who were all taking showers. Singing, happy birds, flicking their tails and fluttering their wings, hopping everywhere to catch more drops.

Makes for an exciting, outdoors kind of morning!