Landscape value practice

A couple of practice pics today. I’ve always wanted to know how to do concept art, and I’ve been ingesting tutorials on it. So here’s a couple.

It’s mostly about value and interesting silhouettes. I’m not super good with either one, so I’m trying to practice.

Also did some more Destiny art for a friend.

I just love doing this stuff. Mostly because I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m scared to death. 😀

Two progress pics this week

I actually did some artwork this week! I tried out the technique of shading in black and white first, then adding color. Amazing how well it works. No wonder the professionals do it this way!

Now, if only I could learn to draw clothing and armor in ways that don’t suck. Light on fabric is my bane.

Sketches of people and stuff

School started today in Arizona, so I’ve been running all day. It’s kind of nice to have the structure back, though.

Anyway, WordPress has informed me that on August 1st, Facebook will no longer let WordPress autopost to our personal feeds. They’re only allowed on the Pages … you know, the ones you have to pay to let anyone see. So I expect my traffic to drop by half. If you enjoy this blog, consider adding it to your reader of choice. It’ll still autopost to Twitter, of course.

And now, without further ado, my artwork practice!


Sorry about the Destiny stuff in there, I’ve been playing it a lot and it’s taken up residence in my brain. As you can see, my grasp of human anatomy is tenuous at best. Ah well, practice practice.

Then it dawned on me that I have very little grasp of values, so I practiced those, too.


I’ve gotten so rusty, it’s been good to practice the basics again. I’ve seen so many artists do amazing things with very narrow value ranges, and I just … cannot think that way. So I’m going to LEARN to think that way.

More Dax

Refined it a bit and made it wider, so it’s not so scrunched. Also played with making some rocky pillar-thingies in the background. They kind of look like columns of smoke right now. It’s rough, but the idea is there.

Guy is giving a fish to the pterosaur, trying to buy a ride.

Fur and pine needles

Fur and pine needles get painted in similar ways. Lots of short, definite strokes. Fur you need to curve, though, and pine needles need to look bristly.

I put the snow on top of the branches with the same strokes that I used for the pine needles, but with a fatter brush. Looks like the snow is kind of settling down into the needles, doesn’t it?

Black foxes only seem to be a variant of red foxes, so they have a black undercoat and a funky light overcoat, so they look like this.

Aren’t they pretty? They remind me of a cape hunting dog, for some reason.

Anyway, I’m working from dark to light on my fox’s coat, trying to duplicate that wonderful salt-and-pepper look.

More values

Messed around with my fox some more this evening. I roughed in the shapes of the snow-covered branches, and got her face more or less working. Still messing with the eyes. I’m working from a photo reference, and foxes have creepily human eyes. With slit pupils, like a cat’s. I’ll go over this with a layer of color once I’m satisfied with my monochrome layer, almost like a real painting.

Although watching Sam Burley post his step by step progress of painting this gorgeous dragon, I have a pining for some oil paints and a canvas. Then I look at my small children and lack of workspace, and imagine what would happen if they got into a mass of oil paints.

I shall stick to digital for now. :-p

Basic values on werewolf pic

First off, I finally figured out that the wolf’s head was just too big. He’s not very tall, as werewolves go, so the head size I had started with just turned out to be too large. I shrank it a bit before chucking on some shading in the background.

Anyway, I got all the shadows in there, and just erased them to let some background gradient shine through for the highlights. And I’m liking where it’s headed so far. She’s in the light, he’s in shadow … all symbolic, wooo … anyway, I know not everybody likes werewolves, but I like them. And if this was a vampire instead of a wolf, certain people I know would be drooling over it. >.>