Step by step – Flirty (and tutorial)

Only one pic this week, but I worked on it all week. As you can see here, each step took a day. In the case of the shapes stage, two days.

These are me and my husband’s Destiny characters.

I was practicing figure sketches, and I liked this one because it kind of tells a story. So I turned it into a full pic. I also tried doing all the shadows with the pen tool, mostly because of this tutorial:

Practice pic by WinXu Xu on Artstation

See how the black shapes and the gray shapes in the first stage are on separate layers? And he colors on them separately? I wanted to try doing that. I’m afraid my first try was pretty tame, but I want to continue experimenting with this technique.

I’ve also been scribbling out a new fanfic. I noticed that it was getting kind of long, so I checked and realized I’ve written 30k. Pretty much just for fun. I love it when a story has that much pull. So I’m tossing it online, slowly, until I get it finished. Fortunately, the last third is in sight, so it’ll be done in a few more weeks.

Elves and dragons (artwork)

I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve been working furiously on a pic that a friend wants to use for a book cover:


Becky Minor drew the lineart, and I’m coloring it. I’ve been having an absolute ball with it. I added the background and the dragon (who will be white, I’ve just been modeling her shadows).

I’ve been coloring it with an interesting technique outlined in this tutorial. Basically, you spend a long time making the black and white shading perfect, then the color goes on really quickly. I’m really enjoying it. Anything to make stuff look really awesome with minimal effort, you know?

Anyway, I’m hoping she does more artwork for her other books, so I can color those, too. 🙂