Lands of Ash – speedpaint

I was reading H. L. Burke’s Lands of Ash and I kept thinking how I’d love to make a better cover image. So I started messing around with a stock photo model and a nice scribbly background.

Be vewy vewy quiet. We're hunting fiwe ewementews.
Be vewy vewy quiet. We’re hunting fiwe ewementews.

It came out all right, so I started refining it.


…aaaand that’s when I dropped my tablet and broke its USB port. So here it sits, and I haven’t fixed the fire elemental yet, and it’s gnawing at my brain … I MUST FINISH IT.

So instead of a heartbreakingly expensive Wacom tablet (the one I just broke), I’m going to buy the cheapest of cheap off-brand tablets. Likely it will last a decade, like my last cheap off-brand tablet did. :-p