Cover reveal: MALCONTENT

It’s finally here! Malcontent is ready, and now the buildup to launch begins!


Six months after the events of MALEVOLENT, Mal and Libby are struggling with the side effects of having two souls combined in one body…and the uncomfortable intimacy it brings.

When Mal captures a hive of killer bees, they inform him of a new threat from the Necromancer. Dark barriers and dangerous sigils are mounted around the valley. At the same time, Libby begins training with the Marchers, who will instruct her in the use of life and death motes. But the Marchers are on a relentless hunt for the Lich Prince and his hidden soul โ€“ which she now carries inside of her.

Now Mal and Libby must find a way to extract Malโ€™s soul before they are caught by the Marchers – killed by the Necromancer – or destroyed by the slow subsumption of their souls.

MALCONTENT will be available on all retailers February 14th! (Isn’t that a totally appropriate release date?) I’m super excited for this book–it’s one of my best yet. There are feels. There is suspense. Mal and Libby’s relationship deepens. There may even be kissing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Preorder here!

Sneak peek at chapter 1 here!


Gorgeous wooden puzzle boxes

I’m cobbling together a cover for a book I’m working on called Malevolent. But the original title was Puzzle Box, because a puzzle box features heavily in the storyline. I wanted one on the cover, so I started looking at pictures of them.

Look at the Google search! These are so gorgeous, I’d love to have some on display just for the artwork!



Aren’t they pretty? Of course, I’ve always had a weakness for really pretty things made of wood–like hand-carved mobius strips.


But yeah, puzzle boxes. There’s tons of Youtube videos of opening them, and the way they pop open and unscrew and stuff. I can’t imagine what it must take to design and build one!