Monday art dump: characters and landscapes

Here’s a few artworks I’ve done in the past week or so:

Bethany Jennings’s characters
More of Bethany Jennings’s characters
Characters from a Destiny fanfic
Dude with a guitar practice sketch
Working from a landscape tutorial

This is the scattered bits of things I did over the last two weeks. The kids and I have all been sick, and it’s kind of knocked my art drive out the window. Trying to get my groove back, though. I’ve been trying out a new art program, Clip Studio. I think I like it, and it’s only 50 bucks, as opposed to whatever the heck they’re charging for Photoshop these days.

Woman in red, and chaos spear

I suck at humans, so I’m trying to practice more. I have a deal on with myself to get on Deviantart, click on the Photography section, and draw a person on the first page. Tonight, it was this one:


Original image

I’m also working on a Sonic pic, since my DA followers all expect Sonic art, hee. I’ve got a story/pic serial going, featuring Silver the Hedgehog, because he never gets any love in the fandom. The current pic has some ornery perspective issues, though.


Shadow is shooting a bolt of energy (called chaos spear) through the window of a train, and Silver’s just taken it in the face. There will be all kinds of shiny glass shards flying around, too. It’ll be a sheer joy to color. I just have to get the darned perspective/action flow right. I’m rusty on my Sonic characters.

New Storm Chase cover under construction

The old Storm Chase cover is pretty vanilla. So I’m trying to make a cover with a theme I can do for a series.

I figure that since the story is pretty much over the top, the cover should be over the top, too.


Isn’t it nuts? It’s not done yet–I haven’t painted the highlights, and the fire and lightning are just scribbles to figure out composition–but I like the way it’s going.

Any suggestions? Better font? I’m using this particular stock because it was free for commercial use. 🙂

Spacetime character sketches

After watching 52 episodes of Digimon, I’m starting to think of people in the anime style again. That’s the easiest way for me to draw humans–I can get an approximation of a character’s look, and if I make a mistake on the nose or the eye placement, it doesn’t look quite as weird as if I was going totally realistic.

Anyway, here’s Carda, hero, time/space mage, and wannabe-racecar-driver:


Indal, the friend/rival, time mage, and now a werewolf (and it’s partly Carda’s fault):


Xironi, catgirl, space mage, friends with Indal, and Carda’s romantic interest (which almost amounts to a love triangle):


I need to get a sketch of Michelle done, too. It really helps me write if I can do little concept sketches of characters and events.

Rabbit trails

I got thoroughly sidetracked last night. Let me see if I can unravel the rabbit trail.

So, I was fiddling with this pic.

And I went, eh, you know, wings are kind of cliche. What if I put a DRAGON in there? Like, she has a pet one? That’s slightly less cliche!

Then I pondered it some more. She’s in the snow in a heavy coat. So it’d have to be a fuzzy dragon.

Aren’t there some kinds of dinosaurs that have a coating of down, or what they call “dinofuzz”? So I looked it up. Mostly, it breaks down into “if the dino walked in two legs, it had dinofuzz”.

So I went poking around the illustrations and came across a Therizinosaurus.

It’s like an apatosaurus that walks on two legs and has really wicked front claws. It’s so weird, they’ve reclassified it over and over. They have all kinds of theories about what it might have looked like and what the claws were for (since they’re kind of like sloth claws, there’s depictions of it looking all sloth-like, complete with moldy fur).

Which then got me to thinking. Chinese dragons have always been depicted with fur and scales both.

And Therizinosaurus was discovered in Mongolia, so that fits. Wicked Chinese fuzzy-dragon!

Also, I could make the very interesting point that fuzzy dragons existed in mythology centuries before scientists figured out the dragon-like dinosaurs were fuzzy. Like maybe there were human encounters with the beasties. Interesting, isn’t it?

So now my cloaked girl has a fuzzy dragony friend.

Still conceptualizing at this point, though. I’d like it to have more of a story to it, and the dragon’s side-angle is boring. Also he needs more dragony features. It’ll be such fun to make him all fluffy, though.

Cool coat

That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? Coats are warm, not cool.

Anyway, somebody on Facebook was passing around this coat from this company, where if you Liked the picture and shared it on your wall, you’d be entered to win the coat. I also snagged the picture because I want to draw it.

I mean, isn’t that totally awesome? It’s like Lord of the Ringsish or something! All she needs is wings. Because I’m always sticking wings on things.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting if the coat was a different color.

Here’s royal blue:

And red, for good measure.

I’m not sure which I like better. Although the red could easily become a Christmasy picture. I want her wings to be kind of ethereal, too. I’m also leaning toward a Bev Dolittle effect and making them hidden pictures in the background.

You know Bev Doolittle. Her art looks like this.

And that’s a watercolor. It makes me weep salty tears.

So what do you think? Black? Blue? Or red and Christmasy?

Me and my dragon, part 2

Still chewing on this concept. Been brainstorming different things a person might do with different kinds of dragons.

If one had a swimming Nessie kind of dragon, one might hang out in the water all summer:

If it was a smallish, dog-kind of dragon, you might play fetch …

This one turned into a pterosaur because pterosaurs make such far out dragons. It’s holding a toy out to its disinterested master, trying to coax him into playing.

Then I went and looked at sculptures of skinny, snaky Chinese dragons. They were about the size of a horse, so you might do horse things with one.

I like the idea of it having horn-like spikes that it moves around like eyebrows. Like a four-legged cockatoo.

I’m slowly closing in on ideas I’d like to actually finish.

Just me and my dragon, part 1

There’s a dragon club on deviantart having a contest. The theme is “Just me and my dragon.” The trouble is, pretty much all the entries so far look like this:

A human, usually a girl, with a dragon all coiled around her, friendly-like. (Mine is actually feeding the dragon, which is slightly different).

So I’m trying to think of something different. What kind of activities might you do if you and your dragon just hung out together? And I don’t mean flying, because person riding a flying dragon pics are a dime a dozen. At least pics with Temeraire, Laurence could be shown reading him a book, because that’s pretty much Temeraire’s favorite activity ever.

Horseback rider sketches

I’ve been trying to do more sketches the last few days, but it’s just been one thing after another. Then I reinstalled Windows and you know how that goes. All your stuff is still there, but Windows doesn’t know about it, so everything gets a reinstall. Everything’s sure fast now, though.

I’ve been wanting to sketch more people on horseback, because it’s so funky to draw. The human body kind of settles into the horse’s back. I need more practice, but this was all I was able to squeak in before small people got in my lap.

Tomorrow I start school with the munchkins, so we’ll see how that goes. They’re very excited. I’m sure they’ll want to do school the instant they wake up in the morning.