Just fall pictures

I keep wanting to blog about something or other, but words escape me. Stress, bewilderment at our crazy election, and so on–so I just want to focus on simple things. Like enjoying fall.

All these pictures grabbed off deviantart. There’s lots more fall artwork there!


Wonderful October!

October is my birthday month, and I’ve always liked fall from an early age.

Well, sort of. As a kid, it’s hard not to be envious of all your friends who have summer birthdays and get swim parties. But we usually arranged to go camping at the beach around my birthday, so that was even better.

This fall, we’re in Arizona. In the fall, the desert looks like this.

Monument Valley, AZ, by Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons
Monument Valley, AZ, by Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons

…which is pretty much the same in the summer, winter and spring, too. Except in the spring there’s slightly more flowers.

I can dream about this …


Or this …

Autumn by Justin.Johnsen via Wikimedia Commons
Autumn by Justin.Johnsen via Wikimedia Commons

I suppose I could drive a couple hours up to Flagstaff and take a look at their fall color.

Or I could go to the grocery store and check out the gourds and squash.

Gourds and squash, by Wildfeuer via Wikimedia Commons
Gourds and squash, by Wildfeuer via Wikimedia Commons

Their colors are so refreshing.

Hello September!

Goodbye hot miserable August, hello delightful cool fresh September!

Dear September,

I know you’ll have your heatwaves. After all, you come along right at the tail end of a long hot summer. But you also have your wonderful cold fronts straight from Alaska. You might even have rain. You dress yourself in orange and red as the trees start to change color (although here in southern Cali, your colors linger until Christmas!)

I love the ripening pumpkins, and the school buses, and doing schoolwork with the munchkins. There’s also a certain smell, and I’m not sure what it is. The lawns going dormant? The leaves starting to turn and fall? September, your perfume is a sheer delight.

September, I love you. But I’m afraid I love October more. So let’s keep this relationship short–say, a month long?