Sketches and artwork

I’ve been working on some art commissions lately. I thought it’d be fun to show the one I finished last week.

First off, my commissioner asked for a scene from one of her fanfics, where a guy finds baby Sonic lost in a snowstorm. So I did some thumbnail sketches of how this might look as a pic.


She liked the one with the guy holding up the lantern, so I sketched it out in a larger size.


When she approved that, I colored it. I did the background first, working off a spiffy picture of some mountains in the Swiss Alps somewhere.


It’s supposed to be a very cold, sad sort of picture, with muted warmth from baby Sonic in the foreground and more warmth from the guy in the background, with the lantern.

Also, snowflakes are really fun to do. These were just a fat airbrush set to a really big size, so the dots were a couple pixels wide. Most are dark blue and some are lighter, right around the light source.

I’ll show off my second commission once I get it finished.


Sword commission

A lady commissioned me to do a couple of black and white illustrations for her upcoming novella (short story?).

Naturally, my tablet decided to crap out immediately. No amount of fiddling with the cord could induce it to work.

Fortunately I’d managed to get one sketch done. She asked for a particular kind of sword with vines of ivy wrapped around it. Here was the concept, working off a reference photo she provided:


I dumped it over into Illustrator and traced it all out in vector. I experimented with different ways of shading, and decided that gradients made it look too artificial. So I went with a pen stroke to give it an “illustration” look.


Here’s how it looks with leaves.


I’m on the fence about it so far–the leaves obscure the sword if I make them darker, and the whole image is too busy if I give them lots of detail. I’m tempted to print the thing out, add all the extra bits by hand with pen, and scan it back in. Illustrator doesn’t like crosshatching at all.

Various sketches

I’ve been working on a new batch of commissions lately. Here’s their conceptual sketches.

This one is more characters from Rachel’s Zyearth books. Here’s Trecheon and Matt, with Leah in the background trying to break up the scuffle.

This one, my commissioner asked for her character with an eastern style dragon. My first concept is that her character visits her world where one of her alternates has been born as a dragon. It has a hurt foot.

Then I did her character in a kimono with a Chinese dragon all swirled in the background.

Note to self. Get a kimono. They look awesome.

Third one is her character commanding one of those Chinese air dragon god thingies with a glowing sphere. She’s holding a baby one.

I like this one so much that if she doesn’t pick it, I might revise it, swap out the characters, and finish it up for the win.

So that’s what’s been going on. Arts!

Two commissions

I’ve been working on two commissions over the past few days. Now that Spacetime’s sixth draft is finished (confetti falls down–the good stuff–our last bag), I can get back to drawing.

First, Zyearth-Defender’s characters in a scene from one of her stories.

The foreground guy has just used his magic to set his butt afire. The girl throws a bucket of water on him while the guy in the background laughs.

Next, a griffin from Jess Owen’s Song of the Summer King:

Mostly conceptual stuff and trying to figure out what pose looks good. I tossed these back to Jess tonight and we’ll see what sort of pose she prefers. The griffin’s half-eagle half-falcon (his name is Halvden), so I was trying to come up with a look for that. Also he’s wearing armored gauntlet things on his claws, so I had to figure out how that would work on long skinny eagle toes.

So yeah! Busy busy. 🙂

Commission pic: The Dragon and the Doctor

Here’s how it looks so far! I spent the evening working on the dragon, and only got to the Doctor in the last twenty minutes or so. I’m trying to keep his face very simple, because it’s only like 50 pixels tall. Why do I always do faces so small? They’re so DIFFICULT. Anyway, he looks sort of like Matt Smith. Likeness is so hard for me still. Especially Matt Smith with his weird pointed goblin face.

Two commissions

Been working on two commissions. First, the dragon. I made some clean fill-ins of the main color masses, then added some basic shading. And also a background of a park. Because for some reason this is happening in a park in my mind.

Also worked on another commission, this one of a scene from an audio fanfic.

I love drawing the Sonic characters beating each other up. The trouble is, I have to bust out my Sonic action figures to see what they look like from such odd angles. Then I have to find pose reference.

So that’s what’s been going down.

Time dragon sketch refining

I’m trying to get back into the groove of things after loafing for a solid week. It’s hard to cudgel my brain into work mode.

Anyway, I refined this sketch and slapped a rough color layer on it.

It still amuses me very much. My commissioner graciously agreed to let me keep the Doctor in there, so I’ve been staring at Matt Smith’s weird face. I want to go back and watch all of seasons 5 and 6 now.