More July artwork

I think I missed posting any art last week, so here’s what I’ve been making. I think I’m just going to post each pic as I finish it, so this blog actually sees more action. 😀 It took me days and days to make these, so there’s not as many as usual.

Based on a true story.
A lore page from Destiny 2 adapted into a comic.
A guardian tells his adopted daughter goodbye. Hopefully not for the last time. Based on characters by jsmulligan.

Monday art megapost

I drew a lot of stuff last week! Some of it was finished last weekend, but my blog post had already gone up, so I saved it for this week. Here we go:

Gift art for people of their characters. I was practicing poses, so I might as well do something constructive with them.
Selfie! This was probably the most fun one.
Destiny had an Easter event, and it was too much fun to tell the Easter story in Destiny terms.
This was an excuse to draw angst and fight scenes at the same time.

I’m definitely improving! But I feel a gratuitous color pic coming on. Probably some kind of crazy sunset, where I can push color around. Black and white is nice, but … color …

A couple of comics and how to kill your art

A friend of mine has been dealing with her son’s suicide last year. She wrote a blog post today about how art is fun, and good for your brain–until you start trying to do it for money. Then you’ve killed your joy. She partially credits this for one of the many reasons her son killed himself. It’s worth a read, if you’re feeling society’s guilt that you’re making art and not selling it.

It’s given me a lot to think about, especially since I’m drifting that direction, myself. Where is the balance between art and business? I’m not sure, so I’ll continue to write fanfics, draw fanart, make zero money, and have all the fun.

Here’s the finished version of that comic from last week:

And then this one, which was based on a true story.

One of our friends went to send out Ghost to do a thing, but he punched a dude instead, which looked like he hit the dude with Ghost. Then Ghost didn’t do the thing. So I made the comic for him. 😀

This past week was a marathon of building IKEA furniture, finding we had the wrong parts, exchanging them for the right parts, and in general having a sea of cardboard boxes and Allen wrenches everywhere. I didn’t draw as much as I wanted to, because I slept through my early morning art time every day. But hopefully, next week will be better!

This week’s art dump (mostly Destiny)

Well, here it is Friday again. I’ve tried to draw something every day this week, just to get back into practice. I’ve been trying out different styles and techniques for things. So, without further ado, the eye candy:

An anime take on a Destiny Awoken Hunter … with a ghost in a shell shaped like a rose.

Trying to do the impressionistic concept art look. It’s harder than it sounds. The background is screencapped from Destiny 2 because no way was I going to try painting that.

Further adventures of the baby with a Destiny ghost.

And even more further adventures of.

Marvel’s woman-Thor

Yesterday the Internet erupted in roars of nerd-rage. It seems that Thor is now a woman.


Apparently, in some bizarre nod to the feminists, Marvel has decided to change the gender of one of the Norse gods.

This is somehow a victory for feminists, who are crowing about how progressive Marvel is being.

But really, who is it a victory for? Let’s break this down.

Who reads comic books? Guys.

Do girls want to look at pictures of large-breasted heroines wielding lightning?

Maybe some do, but girls mostly want a good story. Aromantic story. (Guys are turned on by images, girls are turned on by words. This is why romance novels exist.)

Will changing Thor into a chick attract more girl readers?

Probably not. Most girls I know were swooning over movie-Thor because he was a hot guy.

Who will girl-Thor attract?


So, this isn’t really a feminist victory. They’re perpetrating more objectification of women.

Supposedly the character will remain the same, so making Thor a girl changes exactly nothing. Which makes us ask, why the gender change at all? Winning points with people who don’t read comic books?

I personally think its so they can pair up Thor and Loki.