Art showcase: Tailchaser’s Song

Tailchaser’s Song, by kerembeyit

This is the cover for the German edition of a book called Tailchaser’s Song, by Tad Williams. I think I’m going to read this book just for the cover alone.

Also, why do the German editions of everything get the best book covers???



A tiger in vector. I traced over a photo and felt like a terrible artist for doing it. Usually I trace my own sketches in vector, but I was too brain-dead to do that tonight. Also thunderstorm. Makes me leery of pouring my heart and soul into artwork when it’s stormy and my compy might fry.

So here’s a tiger. He’s kind of spiffy looking.

Another kitty

Today’s April Fool’s Day, and Deviantart is having a contest thingy to try to upload 15000 cat pictures. The prank being that cats have taken over DA. I chortled and started drawing a cat. Here’s the reference pic I worked from.

Here’s my sketch:

I blocked in some nice dark background colors and colored a cream color in the white areas that show.

This layer wound up being the browns and all the shading. Also the eye details. Cat eyes are pure bliss to paint. Can you say “eye candy”?

And last but not least, the markings.

Because this is obviously a magical kitty with swirly calico markings.

Leopard spots

I settled down to put spots all over my critters from the previous picture.

Leopard spots are hard to do, not only because the rosettes have to be uniform and yet randomly shaped, but because the spots go in an s-shape across the leopard’s body.

Look at the spots on his side, there. A very pronounced S-shape. Such a pleasing pattern, and yet so hard to duplicate! The spots also go in rings around his legs, possibly a spiral, but it’s hard to tell from the side.

My art teacher told me once that the S-shape is the most pleasing shape in nature, and it’s everywhere. And if you, as an artist, can capture that s-shape, then your art will please people and sell well. I’ve kept that in mind for years. I think I make things over-curvy, actually.

Also, my leopard sucks. I didn’t spend much time on him. Dinosaurs you can suck on and nobody cares, because nobody has a mental picture of what they really look like to compare them to.

More color sketches

It was really hot today, so I sat and sketched out this.

I keep coming back to the African Savannah as The Hot-Colored Place, and it’s such fun to stick dinosaurs in there. I guess because everything in Africa is so far removed from fauna in the US, and also some of the animals are so very large. Dinosaurs just seem to fit in naturally.

The dino there is a utahraptor, because those were pretty big and lying down would at least be the size of a leopard. I’m giving them both spots, which is why they’re hanging out there.

I tried and tried to find out if utahraptor had feathers, but apparently there’s only been one fossil of it discovered, and it was only bits and pieces. The general thinking is that since most of the other dromeosaurs had feathers of some sort, it probably did, too. So I’m giving it a hairdo and a pretty covering, but no feathers on the arms because you couldn’t see them anyway.

Somebody needs to dig up some more utahraptors.



I’ve been wanting to draw a soft, fuzzy kitty picture for a while now. I’ve been thinking about a Maine Coon I had when I was little. For some reason we never had another cat like her … various long-haired calicoes were about it.

Anyway, I wanted to try my hand at a warm, soft pic, like Lesley Harrison paints. Like this one.  Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm inside?

The only reference pic I could find in the pose I wanted (in my whopping five-minute search on Google) was a short-haired cat. So this is a short-haired cat halfway to becoming a long-haired cat. I’m still getting his anatomy all figured out.