Planet sounds

Paul Speer, instrumental rock/new age artist extraordinaire, just released a new album called Ax Inferno. One of the songs on it is a brilliant arrangement mimicking the sounds the sun makes–its underscoring mutter and the ripping guitar-chord sounds of the flares. The instant it came on, I knew what it was.

So I started showing the kids the NASA Voyager recordings of the sounds the planets make. They’re really amazing–the Voyager recorded the frequencies coming off the various planets’ magnetic fields and NASA translated them into audio.

Here’s Earth. It’s like some kind of choir.

Here’s Jupiter. (The visualizations are interesting, too.) It’s like some kind of bell sound or something.

Here’s Saturn. The sounds of it start about 1:37. I believe that’s the sound of its rings. Very different from Jupiter. It kind of reminds me of a theremin.

Here’s Uranus. It sounds like the sound effects we use for aliens and space ships. I wonder if that’s from the rings, or being on its side or something?

Neptune, singing a weird cricket-y song to itself.

Isn’t that weird? I wonder if it sent back any information on the heliosphere when it went through that. I wonder what that would sound like? (As far as I can gather, the heliosphere is sort of this magnetic field shield put out by our sun that encircles our entire solar system.)

The Voyager is getting up on the Oort cloud now. Forty years and still working! They built that sucker to LAST.