Very busy!

Been working on a pair of commissions all week, as well as critiquing stories for my critique group.

They were so different, they required completely different art processes. The cartoony one required inking, while the griffin got a color rough during concepting.

Halvden the griffin

Two commissions

I’ve been working on two commissions over the past few days. Now that Spacetime’s sixth draft is finished (confetti falls down–the good stuff–our last bag), I can get back to drawing.

First, Zyearth-Defender’s characters in a scene from one of her stories.

The foreground guy has just used his magic to set his butt afire. The girl throws a bucket of water on him while the guy in the background laughs.

Next, a griffin from Jess Owen’s Song of the Summer King:

Mostly conceptual stuff and trying to figure out what pose looks good. I tossed these back to Jess tonight and we’ll see what sort of pose she prefers. The griffin’s half-eagle half-falcon (his name is Halvden), so I was trying to come up with a look for that. Also he’s wearing armored gauntlet things on his claws, so I had to figure out how that would work on long skinny eagle toes.

So yeah! Busy busy. 🙂

Pondering content

Some nights, instead of drawing, I sit down and write a bit. I’d like to post that on my blog sometime, but I don’t know if that would go over as well as artwork does.

Artwork, you can take one glance and move on. But reading a piece of a story takes a little more commitment, like, spending a few minutes on a site rather than a few seconds. I don’t know, what do you think?

And I have been drawing. Working on this, mostly.

(Click to enlarge)

She has clothes now, and a hairdo. Her hair came out looking like Blaze the Cat’s from the Sonic universe. See?

Although why a cat has feathers coming out of her head, I never will know. I kind of want the griffin’s feathers to have red tips, though, like feathers in an Indian headband. (I said Indian! Not Native American! That makes me racially insensitive! HAHAHAHA)

Anyway, yeah. I’d like to post writing snippits on here on the nights that I write and don’t draw. I’m just not sure anybody would be interested.