Soul Thief

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(This story was written as part of an anthology where ten authors contributed ten characters and wrote ten stories using all the characters. It turned out … interesting.)

Indal and Molon are private detectives in Phoenix, Arizona–except Indal is a chronomancer werewolf, and Molon is an anthropomorphic wolf. Together they make a great team, with Indal covering for Molon’s wolf face with a variety of excuses.

When they receive a strange email from an employee at Southvista software, claiming that his boss’s soul has been stolen, they are plunged into a strange mystery involving supernatural powers, and beings from other worlds.

Now they must unravel the mystery, before the stolen soul is turned to nefarious uses by a ruthless criminal who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Can Indal and Molon stop him, or will their wolfish natures get the better of them?