Toddler face

Oh gosh, this turned out so laughably bad. I CANNOT do likeness, no matter how I try. This was supposed to be my two year old son, but it looks nothing like him. Maybe I should have used a larger photo of him. Or maybe I should have traced the photo. Pfff.

I need to practice humans more. From PHOTOS.


Just sketching

Happy 2010, everybody! Welcome to blogging and the internet, the real future that nobody predicted.

Here’s Rick and Charr arguing. They seem to do that a lot in my mind’s eye. Rick’s look is slowly developing, helped along mainly by the Champions Online character builder.

Charr looks like he could rip Rick in half, but actually he’s mostly vegetarian. He’s just racist against humans. Hee hee. Which is why Rick is daring to argue back to a face like that. I need to sit and write this someday.

Giftart pic done!

Well, I shaded Izzy’s character up all nice, and started toying with the lighting effects. This was my first attempt.

It’s nice, but eh, it looks too much like another pic I did. And it kind of messed up the lighting I’d already done on the character, which was to have it come from above, and not all sides. After all my beginning gradient was a sphere.

Then I got the idea to have sort of a fountain of light shooting out of her hand.

Ah! Much better already. The actual beam of light is sort of a triple-helix deal, with lots of phoenix-type thingies coming out of the sparks.

Here’s a closeup. Whatever magic she’s using, it seems … ALIVE. Maybe it’s that one … type of fire they summon in the seventh Harry Potter book. I know it wasn’t fel fire, because that’s from World of Warcraft. Infernal Fire? I can’t remember. Anyway, some kind of really hot magical fire like that. I hope she doesn’t mind too much that I drew her character like this. XD

Giftpic progress

This is how Izzy Goldrunner’s character looks, as done by her.

And this is my interpretation.

I decided to scrap Slasher from the previous pic and just go with this character alone, because hey, this is a gift pic, not a group pic. And what’s cooler than seeing your character all lit up with sparkly effects? I have no idea if this character has powers like this, but hey, why not? It makes a good pic, anyway.

Giftart, part 1

I owe some folks some gift art, due to their generosity in providing me with subscriptions to deviantart. Here’s the first one I’m working on:

It’s Izzy Goldrunner’s sert character riding on Slasher, my sert character. Because … um … because I wanted to draw it that way! I was initially going to draw Izzy’s toon alone, with her coat billowing dramatically behind her. But for some reason it was too static, and before I knew it, Slasher had slipped in there.

Ah well. Giftart’s supposed to be fun. 🙂

Merry Christmas

Hope everybody had a nice Christmas! I know there’s that big snowstorm going on across the middle, northern, and eastern US, and I hope all you folks enjoyed having a white Christmas. 🙂

I can never draw anything Christmasy when I want to. I sat down last night and tried to draw Christmasy, and look what came out.

A raptor. From the back, no less. Which is kind of an interesting way to draw them, but not Christmasy at all.

Then I was looking at one of our calenders, and it has a cardinal on it. So I sat down to draw a cardinal.

Except somewhere along the way it turned into some kind of griffin. If the front half is a cardinal, then the back half gets to be a fox. Because that totally makes sense. Right?


… anyway, that’s about as Christmasy as I can muster, I think. I’m ready for it to be over for a year.

LOL cars

You know how often I draw cars?

…. well, I don’t draw them very often.

Like … I can’t remember the last time I drew a car.


*laugh track plays in the background*

Yeah, it’s that bad. But you know what? This is new and different. I think I’ll keep working on this until I get it conquered. And the perspective fixed. Good night, the perspective. *dies*

Face troubles

This face isn’t right.


The trouble is, I thought the face as all right until I shaded it. But the shading made me realize that something was wrong. I think it’s the mouth. And the left eye. But I can’t figure out what it is.

I hate it when a pic gets this far and I go, “Wait … I messed up somewhere.”