Like my artwork? Thinking you’d like to commission me? Here’s my prices:

Portrait: $40
Half Body: $60
Full body: $100
+Background: +$40
+Pet/creature: +$40
+Additional character: $40-60-100,
depending on portrait, half, or full
Will not do:
NSFW(porn)(No picture here, haha)

Commission process:

Step 1: Gather reference images for your character. These can be actor photos, clothing, accessories, etc.

Step 2: Contact me with your info, along with a description of the character. If they are from a story/book, including an excerpt of the scene is question is very helpful.

Step 3: I will send you a sketch for approval. Once that is approved, I will send you the lineart for approval. Then I will send you the flat color image for approval. Last, the shaded image for approval. Changes can be made at each step, but major changes get more difficult the further into the process we go (such as altering the pose at the shading stage).

Step 4: Payment though Paypal. Upon receipt of your payment, I will email you the full-sized finished file.

All ready? Contact me!