My writing process in meme pics

I was tagged by Bethany on Facebook. Since it’s kind of a long meme, I told her I’d answer the questions on my blog.

Basically, it goes like this: List seven things about your writing process. I thought it would be funnier if I answered them in meme form.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:

scary middle

Step 5:


Step 6:


Step 7:


Annnnd that’s how it goes. 😀

Jurassic World’s raptors aren’t feathery and that’s okay

Ever since the Jurassic World trailer came out, people have been throwing a fit about it. Particularly scientists, those all-knowing folks who look closely at fossils and say, “OMG it had FEATHERS.”


“The dinosaurs don’t look like dinosaurs” they shriek. “They still look like LIZARDS. We want BIRDS.”

Well folks, filling a theme park with giant carnivorous ostriches wouldn’t sell many tickets. Especially since this is a SEQUEL. And you kind of have to, you know, use the same monsters as in the original movies. Admittedly, these monsters look much spiffier than they did in 1993.


No scientists are squawking about the GENETICALLY MODIFIED D-REX, the star of the movie. Which, going by the buzz, means we finally get the rad dinosaurs from the Lost World book that could turn invisible.

Nope, all that matters is that the raptors and gallimimus don’t have feathers. Yep.


Nevermind that the velociraptors in JP are technically utahraptors, and only a couple of fossil fragments of them exist–therefore we don’t know if they had feathers. (Seeing as their smaller cousins did, we can assume they did, but we don’t KNOW.)

The point is, Jurassic World is a movie. Likely a GOOD movie. With the sorts of lizardy dinosaurs people expect from the series. Scientists can go off and make another season of Walking with Six-Foot Turkeys, if they’re going to whine so much.

Thanksgiving and a meme

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and my fridge is full of delicious leftovers. I’m pondering a turkey pot pie in the near future. Our day was spent with my hubby’s family, and it was very pleasant.

Blood elf priest, level 11. Oh yeah, check out my tattered duds.
Blood elf priest, level 11. Oh yeah, check out my tattered duds.

It’s been a quiet weekend of rest and relaxation. My son and daughter spent the night at their grandparent’s, so Ryan and I got to have our first date night in about two years. It was lovely. Just having the two younger ones along felt like nothing. I’ll be glad to have the other two back, though. The house feels empty without them.

World of Warcraft has tempted us back into its octopus-like embrace. We bought our son a copy, and he and my daughter rolled worgen druids. So they’ve been running about the countryside as dogs that change into cats and bears. It’s hilarious. My hubby and I rolled blood elves on another server with his friends, and we’re running around the newbie zones, making everything more fabulous with our very presence.

I’ve also been tagged by multiple people for a Facebook meme. But Facebook doesn’t show you any posts from longer than a week ago (despite everything being saved forever in Facebook’s Gravemind), so I figured I’d do the meme here on my blog, where I can find it again.

The Eight Terrible Titles game rules are as follows: ”Scroll through your manuscript. Let your cursor fall where it may and bam–you’ve got yourself one terrible title. Repeat this seven more times. Let the good times roll. Tag eight others.

This is from my work in progress Regency shifter romance, which I’m writing as a sequel to Turned.

1. Bone-Cracking Embrace
2. Turned To Her
3. Her Trunk Stood
4. Forbidden to Set Foot Outside
5. Until Her Arrival
6. Outside An Inn
7. Hire a Tailor
8. Direction The Werewolf Had Gone

These have been fun, because just by looking at the selections, you get a feel for what everyone is working on. Mine is very Beauty and the Beast, heh heh.

And now, since you read this far, here is a pun for you.


Gateway Christmas music

Every year, I find myself easing into Christmas music a little bit at a time. It always starts with very mild stuff that might not be Christmas music at all. It’s like how they hook people on drugs.

First, I start with Eden’s Bridge Irish Christmas album. Particularly this cynical, cutting song about Christmas’s materialism:

From there, I venture into Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is a bit stronger on the Christmas flavor, but still not quite there:

By this time I’m starting to feel the need for something stronger. I might start dropping some Amy Grant. Some years I go straight to some heavy Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Pretty soon, before I know it, I’m high on Christmas.


Godzilla-zon vs Hachette-turtle

The war between Amazon and Hachette is escalating. I’m sure by this time next year, nobody will remember this, so summary for posterity:


Amazon wants Hachette (a big publishing company) to sell ebooks at 9.99 or lower. Hachette wants to sell at 14.99, or thereabouts. They’ve been deadlocked for months.

It’s like watching Godzilla-Amazon fighting a giant turtle.

Godzilla-zon: Flaming fireball of REMOVE BUY BUTTON FROM YOUR BOOKS!

Hachette-turtle: (closes shell tighter)

Godzilla-zon: Claw swipe of EXTREMELY SLOW SHIPPING!

Hachette-turtle: (snaps at opponent’s ankle) C’mon, just give us what we want.


Onlookers: Ooo, ahhh.


Godzilla-zon: LIES! (Drops a huge pile of Kindle Unlimited on top of lesser monster Scribd)

Onlookers: Apple-bot and Google-beast, save us!


(Onlookers do lesser battle among themselves)

How will it end? Who will triumph? FIND OUT SOON!

Boring descriptions of popular stories

A while ago, a friend of mine on Tumblr participated in a little meme: describe books in the most boring way possible.

Her description of her comic, A waitress misses work for several months.

My hubby and I came up with more:

Star Wars: An orphan discovers the identity of his parents.

Girl Genius: An orphan discovers the identity of her parents.

Harry Potter: An orphan discovers the identity of his parents.

A Christmas Carol: A grumpy old man gives his employee a day off.

Bleak House: A man wins a lawsuit.

The Hunger Games: A girl participates in a contest.

Lord of the Rings: Nine guys go on a road trip.

Toy Story: A kid gets a new toy.

Toy Story 2: A toy is stolen.

Toy Story 3: Toys get thrown away.

Wreck It Ralph: An old guy questions his career.

The Incredibles: A family has dysfunction.

Finding Nemo: A recluse leaves home.

The Avengers: A group of people do a job.

Grimm: A guy studies his family ancestry.

Doctor Who: An old guy studies history.

Mythbusters: Some people do science projects.

Some of my friends’ books, just for giggles:

The Windrider Saga by Minor: An elf learns to pray.

Secrets Kept by Mbewe: A girl carries a knife.

Wishing Well Curse by Donovan: A guy learns about his ancestors.

Sanctuary by Creeden: A girl and her brother run across town.

Finding Angel by Heckenbach: A girl looks for her parents.

Animal group names

I was lying in bed last night, pondering what a group of velociraptors might be called. Then I started trying to remember group names of other animals. Thank goodness for the internet! I found a big old list of them.

Some that amused me unduly:

A shrewdness of apes
A battery of barracudas
An obstinacy of buffalo
A destruction of feral cats
A coalition of cheetahs
A quiver of cobras
A gulp of cormorants
A cast of falcons
A flamboyance of flamingos
A skulk of foxes
An implausibility of gnus
A glint of goldfish
A kettle of hawks in flight
A bloat of hippopotami
A charm of hummingbirds
A richness of martens
A scourge of mosquitoes
A rhumba of rattlesnakes
A dazzle of zebras

A lot of these terms describe people’s opinions of these animals, or the animals’ behavior. Apes sit around and look shrewd. Foxes skulk around. Do rattlesnakes do the rhumba with their tails? Do cobras quiver?

People like martens if a bunch of them is a richness, whereas mosquitoes are a scourge.

So what about extinct animals like dinosaurs? We don’t know about their behavior or what we’d think of them. Would duckbills nesting together be a shout? Or a mess? Or a hive?

Would a bunch of velociraptors be a cunning? A preen? A strut? A pride?

What about sauropods, the long-necks? A hydra? A pod? A surge? A thunder?

What about tyrannosaurs?

What about a bunch of megamouth sharks? Or sabertoothed tigers, or mammoths, or any of those other weird extinct mammals?