After Atlantis book 7: Mercurion

Tane Casak, Guardian of Mercury Island, has been framed. Already accused of being a supervillain because of his defense of his team and his island, Tane is present when the governor of Atlantis is assassinated. Now the military and HeroTube are coming for him, and Tane awaits them with grim purpose.

James Chase, Islesworn, is part of the team sent to apprehend Tane. Recognizing him as the Guardian he’s searched for for months, he plans to stop the superhero team before they can harm Tane or capture Mercury Island.

But when a team of Atlantean Exiles attack both Tane and James’s team, alliances shift and enemies become allies. Because if they don’t, Mercury Island will fall into the hands of the evil Exiles, and not even the healing powers of Jayesh the Bloodbound will save them.

Contains: Superheroes, super powers, friendship, teamwork, enemies to friends, death rays, military action, portals, werewolves, magic, artificial intelligence, catgirl, mild romance, no smut.

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