About K. M. Carroll

Kessie Carroll is a nerdy homeschooler who grew up in California’s Central Valley. She amused herself and her five siblings by reading books aloud and telling dramatic stories. One day she realized that she ought to write them down so she wouldn’t forget them.

At the same time, Kessie and her siblings had discovered video games. During one hot, dull summer, Kessie began writing stories about Sonic the Hedgehog. This became a passion that spawned a website (netraptor.org, now extinct), where other teens could submit art and stories.

One of her online friends wound up becoming her husband. Together they kept telling stories and creating worlds. One of them became the Spacetime Legacy series, about young people with time and space magic.

Today they live in Arizona, where Kessie is still writing stories and reading them aloud to her own kids. She is passionately fond of fantasy, superhero movies with big explosions, and reptiles.

Kessie also has an alternate life as NetRaptor, writer of Sonic the Hedgehog fanfics (also available here), fanfics for the game Destiny, and loads of artwork. Her NetRaptor headquarters are currently located on deviantart.

Twitter: @netraptor01
Facebook: K.M. Carroll Author
Instagram: netraptor01
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4 thoughts on “About K. M. Carroll

  1. *hugs* Long time, no read! May life be treating you fabulously!

    Found my way back here via DA. Read your recent journal there. Someday, I may have to open an account there. For now, I resist. =F

    Wanted to say:

    Love and respect that you are busy but you know what… If you have the inclination and inspiration to write a Sonic boom story then please do. =)

    Net-san, I believe that you could find the balance for humor and dignity that the show often misses. Maybe already you notice the scattering of moments, beyond the visual gags and puns. When Sticks was learning to be a proper lady and dance – that was Knuckles on the piano. So yes, absolutely – the potential for intelligence exists even in this show. If we can be allowed to pretend that the “oh wait, I can’t read” didn’t happen in the same episode…

    Actually… Of all the episodes so far. That one really struck me. Because Knuckles was also shown as actually willing to repeat the same stupid pun several times in an attempt to make new friends. So there, too is a clue for all writers to consider. Knuckles is pretty clearly in all kinds of transition. Not a vegetarian anymore, not wanting to live in total isolation, the growth spurt… And apparently willing to play dumb, just so that he has more people to hang out with. So then the question becomes… If he actually does ever make enough other friends… Will he find a new purpose and no longer live/hang out with Sonic and co as much?

    Also… the can’t read comment… Really really struck me… Because… “Since when?!” and “well then why do you even OWN reading glasses” reactions aside… Why the heck didn’t anyone even offer to try and teach him? You see? Okay, new character gets more air time. But maybe… What this proves… Is that perhaps Sonic and co would rather tackle simple problem of “Sticks needs to be able to pretend to act proper-ish for one evening of sarcasm” than try to teach Knuckles reading.

    What do you make of this? A fanfic would let you explore the depths, for sure. Hope that you have fun with this project, if you choose to take it on. Know that the audience exists.

    Please keep taking good care, Net-san! Thanks for listening and staying awesome.



  2. Hey Netraptor, remember me? It’s your old contributor Spectre the Hechidnat. I’d noticed that the old Fanfic site had been down-a hacker, eh? That’s too bad-I don’t suppose you were able to save anything?


    1. I had repeatedly warned the authors hosted there to cross-post to fanfiction.net, so hopefully everybody had a backup. All my fics are posted there under NetRaptor. 🙂


      1. Huh…were the warnings posted on the site itself? I don’t remember seeing them.


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