The death of blogging has been greatly exaggerated

Blogging used to be a hot thing. Everybody and their dog had a blog, and people wrote about every topic under the sun. Searching the internet for information usually landed you on somebody’s blog somewhere.

Then social media came along. “Blogging is dead,” they assured us. “Nobody uses those old things anymore.” Then social media sites throttled down on outside links. They made sure that nobody saw those blog post links anymore. No, people needed to stay in the walled garden of social media, where they could be controlled and profited off of.

Meanwhile, blogs kept going, but fewer people wrote them, just because it was harder to get engagement. But you started getting the SEO farms, where advertisers dictated certain formats for blog posts to catch the attention of search engines. You see it on recipe blogs where there is a ton of meaningless drivel before you get to the recipe, all of it repeating the same information in different ways. How to make X, what ingredients are in X, what’s the nutrition in X, what’s the history of X, why should I make X. It’s like a bastardized version of Pioneer Woman’s photo blogs.

As time went on, those SEO farms got bigger and bigger. AI tools like this one popped up, letting you generate quasi-intelligent-sounding articles about anything with the click of a button.

When I was doing my research on magnetic fields for my previous blog post, I kept running into idiotic SEO-farm AI articles. You can tell them because they start with what sounds like a decent article. But further down the page, they repeat the same information with different headings.

It looks all official and stuff, but it reads like a drunken monkey just typed the same phrases over and over. By the way, all of this is repeated from stuff the article already said. It just repeats itself over and over, the way idiot AI do.

But why should people bother to generate these garbage articles and flood search engines with this crap?

Because there’s money in it. A lot of money.

Search engines and the various other spiders that crawl the web click on everything. Set out a bunch of keywords that they like, and watch them come click on your cleverly-placed ads. Pretty soon the whole internet will be robots writing articles and robots clicking on the ads in the articles, while the three humans running the websites get rich.

It’s madness.

But it’s also a sign that blogging isn’t dead and it never was.


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