Belated Christmas arts (last of 2020!)

I’m looking at the art and writing I did this year, and I’m very pleased with how it’s all turned out. Here are the last few Christmas arts I did last week, and then I can look into how I did with my publishing challenge for 2020. 😀

Christmas catgirl

I made this artwork for my hubby for Christmas. He likes catgirls, so I made a pretty one for him. 😀

Don’t take selfies with friends who will murder you afterward.

Had to do a quick Sonic Christmas artwork, too.

Stupid comic based on a joke my hubby made

Next year, I want to make more Sonic art, more stupid comics, and keep on studying fundamentals. Whew! That’s it for art resolutions. Next blog post will be the writing stuff. 😀

Artwork catchup

I guess this week is Christmas, isn’t it? I’d better draw something Christmasy! In the meantime, here is the random things I’ve been drawing over the last week or so.

I wanted to draw a robot guy with a sweater, glasses, a book, and a cat in his lap. I just love the contrast of the harsh, man-made angles and the soft curves of the cat and the sweater. Also, a robot guy with glasses amuses me unduly.

This is concept art for an upcoming Vid:ilantes book. Kari, a lightning super, has burned herself out. Possibly she’s been struck by lightning, I’m not sure yet. And Jayesh, the overpowered healer, is having to exert his strength to save her.

Concepting Jayesh’s armor. It’s the kind that mountain bikers wear, and the idea is that Jay’s team is sick of him always getting hurt, so they outfit him in this. There’s a helmet, too, but I wanted to draw his fluffy hairs.

That’s what I’ve been working on. I guess now I need to draw something Christmasy. Holly! Bells! Snow! Candles! Angels!

Finishing artwork and stories

I didn’t draw much this week because of five hours of sleep every night. And also pushing hard to finish a story. I wrote The End this morning, and it feels great. In between, I drew a few things, so here they are:

My character Maximillian Ross when he was about 16, before I started writing him and ruined his life. 😀

Mostly just drawing stuff as I think about what I’ve been writing. Drawing helps me think through plot twists and stuff. Finishing a story this morning felt great. Now that’s out of the way, I can focus on this story I’m writing for a Beauty and the Beast anthology. I’m trying to hit the story beats while writing my own story, but I’m afraid it’s veering off into left field. Ah well, whatever I wind up with, it’ll be a good backstory short for a character.

Finishing a project is a big deal, whether it’s a story or an artwork. Seems like lately I’ve seen a lot of people asking how you finish a thing. My only answer: perseverance. Lots and lots of perseverance. It also helps if you like the thing you’re working on. That helps you muscle through the parts that aren’t so fun, like fixing plot holes or correcting your perspective. Ugh. Has to be done, though.