A smattering of art

I feel like my artistic energy has dropped very low. I’m nine months pregnant, and I barely have the energy to do anything, let alone sit in a chair and draw. But here’s a few things I’ve managed to draw in the last few weeks.

Wrathion, the Black Prince, from World of Warcraft.

Here’s Wrathion, from World of Warcraft. I’ve been interested in him since he was born in Cataclysm, basically the only uncorrupted Black Dragon. He immediately set about killing all the rest of his corrupted family, including putting out a hit on his dad. He’s only gotten more and more interesting with each expansion. This is his Battle for Azeroth look.

The Titan Gamer

Commission I did a little while back. Tried some different shading techniques on it and I’m pleased with how it came out.

Concept art for a story, guy with broken arms getting a hug.

One of those pics that showed an idea more than being actual good art. :-p

Taking a rest

After going through a really long slump, I drew this over a base, mostly to try out drawing the clothes. They’re kind of Starfleet, and I liked them. I’ve always loved strong diagonals in design.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately … about 1 drawing per week, which isn’t much for the poor blog. Once I have the baby and feel better, I’m going to draw like a crazy woman.

Art showcase: other people’s work

I drew exactly one crappy pic this week, and that’s not enough to make a blog post out of. So, have some other people’s art! Everything is credited as best as I can.

Artist – Andrey Bogachev Russian Painter.
Waning moon by Warwick Fuller
Artist – Gelena Pavlenko Ukrainian Painter.
Artist – Ralph James American Painter.
Artist – Kathleen Dunphy American Painter.
Painting by Dawn E. Whitelaw

All art picked up from Samuel Cherubin’s Facebook account, where he shares art from tons of artists every day.