Science fiction artworks

Most of the week has been taken up with a book cover commission, so I don’t have a lot of art. But I do have a few rough things to show off.

I was trying to do a big spaceship with a nebula in the background … and maybe a ship or something in the foreground … but I couldn’t decide what to put in. Then I got distracted and forgot about it. So here is a half-finished background for something.

This is the hero of my sci-fi I’ve been writing. He can create a magnetosphere around himself like a shield to repel plasma beams and any energy weapons. Bullets, however, go straight through, so his shield has limits. I based his suit on some spiffy suit concept art from NASA. This pic is kind of quick and dirty because I was just trying to create a visual for this magnetosphere thing. His hands become the north and south poles, and magnetospheres behave in really, really weird ways.

I can’t share the commission yet, because it’s still mostly secret. But next week, hopefully it’ll be done and I can show off progress pics.

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