Only a little art this week

I feel like I’ve been off my game all week, and I haven’t been satisfied with my art. I’ve been pushing to get edits done on Guardian’s Wager, and that’s all done, finally. But I think my brain is tired and needs a break.

Here’s what I managed to draw this week:

A sparkly outfit from Monster Hunter World (the Astral set), and I drew it mostly so I could draw sparkles. I’m not really satisfied with it, but I ran out of time, so here it is.

Tane and Glad from my After Atlantis books. For some reason, Glad turned out looking like she’s not wearing anything BUT SHE IS, DANGIT. Not super happy with this one, either. That’s why I shouldn’t draw when I’m tired.

I was trying to make a sweet new book cover to show off today, but it’s nowhere near being ready to share yet. Hopefully next week, when the book launches.

So that’s this week. Brain-dead. Tired. Artistically underachieving.

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