Artwork: rejected layout sketches

Working on a couple of commissions right now that are kicking my butt. Well, that and a baby who has decided that 4 AM is the best time to wake up and therefore takes away mom’s art time.

Anyway, here are some rejected layout sketches. They were fun to do, though, so I thought other folks might like a peek.

You can see the ideas starting to kind of come together. Wound up going with a zoomed out version of that last one. My client liked the flirty expressions.

Have some other commissions that I’m super behind on. This week will have to be all about catching up.

Artwork: Two ghosts

I drew the lineart for this pic about two months ago, finally got around to finishing it.

This is Kari, who is finding that she can hear her husband’s ghost in her head as well as her own.

I’m trying to color in a more painty way, if that makes sense? Less total smooth airbrushing and more of unblended brush strokes to give an impression of texture. I also am probably way overusing my sponge brushes for backgrounds right now, but I just love their texture. Can you tell I’ve been watching tutorials about textures? 😀

Artwork: Duel nature

Here’s an artwork I did over the weekend:

This is Ferral/Kymil Elvaris Dasa. I wrote his story last year, before my art skills were up to concepting his look properly. So I decided to do that.

There’s a rule that states that Guardians shouldn’t go looking for information on their past lives. Well, Ferral broke that rule and found out that he was aristocracy to the hilt. This leads to him having to stop being a Guardian and taking a desk job, running the family business as the last living heir. Not the greatest reward, eh?

Anyway, it was fun figuring out what space elf aristocrats might wear. I went with a sort of robe thing with a lot of lacy decorations and clasps and things. Oh, and gold braid, because I love any excuse to use my braid brush.