Giftpic for a friend

I’ve spent two solid weeks working on this pic, in between scribbling out easier Inktobers. I’ve been terrified of it, since I had to do two separate tutorials for the figures and the background. It was so much work, but I think it came out pretty well. This is for jsmulligan’s birthday, and it’s his two main characters.

From the story: “Five years ago, two broken and damaged people met each other for the first time. I’d be lying if I said it was love at first sight. Their edges were too sharp, too jagged, for anything like that to happen. But, over time, those sharp edges wore down, and the fractured pieces of their lives began to connect. Eventually, those pieces fit together, filling spaces that life had hollowed out. A friendship emerged, and then blossomed into something more.

“You have told me that this was a day that you never thought would happen. I felt the same way. If I couldn’t even find my place in the world, torn between ideals and callings, how could I ever find anything deep and meaningful with another person? How could I even think to share who I am with another soul if I wasn’t even sure who I was?

“But I found myself. And I found you. And together, we can find or make our own place in this world. It doesn’t matter if that is on the Farm, the Last City, the Reef, or somewhere in the far-flung depths of space, all that matters is that I have you at my side when we get there.

“I love you, and look forward to building a life and a place with you from this day forward.”

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