More Inktober drawings

Our internet was out all week, so I had a fraction more drawing time. Here’s what happened:

This is Tea with Devrim, where the background lines overwhelmed the subject lines. I need to completely re-ink it.

A ghost plays music for his guardian. This is where I discovered the vector layers and went nuts with line weights. Also I’m trying to use more of the CSP resources, like the rose and the music pattern brush.

This pic wants to be colored eventually. I wanted to draw a girl wrapped in a hunter guy’s cloak. Then I went, why? What’s she hiding from? Fortunately, the new Destiny expansion has these creepy nightmare ghost things that float around and whisper to you. I’d hide from them, too.

I didn’t have a ton of time this day, so I went with a silly anime girl and a bunch of ghosts. I might have gotten carried away on the armor crosshatching.

Here is Cayde-6 telling a younger hunter crazy hunter stories. His face is extremely hard to draw and I erased him and started over three times. Fortunately, Google has lots of pics of him. The shading came out a bit rough, but I was running out of time.

And that’s it for this week. Seems I’m a bit more productive when I’m not staring at a screen.

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