Fangirls and inktober

Hurrah for Inktober, the very best time of the year! Wait, it’s not a real holiday? Who says? 😀

Inktober is just when you draw something in pen and ink every day for all of October. Doesn’t have to be any good. It’s just for fun and practice. There are prompts, if you need ideas. I never use them, though. I find I get more blocked on prompts than I do coming up with my own ideas.

So, here’s my first Inktober pic, which took two days:

This was an experiment to use texture brushes and see if I could get a cloth look going. Clip Studio Paint has all these neat textures that I’ve been trying to figure out how to use. I also got to use my belt brush! I’ve been dying to sneak a belt into a pic somewhere.

And here’s a comic about what happens when you find out that you have a fangirl. Worse, when your friends find this out.

This comic took the better part of a week to do. And it was so fun doing the expressions, trying to convey all the emotions happening in each panel. 😀

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