The last batch of Inktober drawings

Welp, Halloween is tomorrow, and with that, Inktober comes to an end. I think I’m going to go back and color a bunch of these that I liked, but didn’t have time to color.

A ghost lights some candles for her dead Guardian. I drew this for a friend who “killed off” her main character … and then didn’t. She said that I turned the feels against her. *evil laugh*

This pic was an excuse to practice curly hair and contour lines. I’d like to do more with it.

Raptor rancher. I haven’t done a dinosaur in a while and wanted to draw one of those feathery ones.

Imposing … or maybe just annoyed. Trying to combine my shading brushes with hand-drawn crosshatching. Getting closer to a look I like.

Even ghosts need hugs sometimes. This kind of pose is super hard to draw, and I was pleased with the way it came out. Also, wavy hair is tough.

So, unless I get in some arts tomorrow, this probably does it for Inktober. We’re having to get up at 3:30 all week, and it’s really wrecked my mojo.

Giftpic for a friend

I’ve spent two solid weeks working on this pic, in between scribbling out easier Inktobers. I’ve been terrified of it, since I had to do two separate tutorials for the figures and the background. It was so much work, but I think it came out pretty well. This is for jsmulligan’s birthday, and it’s his two main characters.

From the story: “Five years ago, two broken and damaged people met each other for the first time. I’d be lying if I said it was love at first sight. Their edges were too sharp, too jagged, for anything like that to happen. But, over time, those sharp edges wore down, and the fractured pieces of their lives began to connect. Eventually, those pieces fit together, filling spaces that life had hollowed out. A friendship emerged, and then blossomed into something more.

“You have told me that this was a day that you never thought would happen. I felt the same way. If I couldn’t even find my place in the world, torn between ideals and callings, how could I ever find anything deep and meaningful with another person? How could I even think to share who I am with another soul if I wasn’t even sure who I was?

“But I found myself. And I found you. And together, we can find or make our own place in this world. It doesn’t matter if that is on the Farm, the Last City, the Reef, or somewhere in the far-flung depths of space, all that matters is that I have you at my side when we get there.

“I love you, and look forward to building a life and a place with you from this day forward.”

Character studies for inktober

Haven’t had much time for super detailed Inktobers the past few days, but here’s what I’ve managed to scribble out. I think fatigue is setting in. Kind of hard to produce some kind of art every single day.

Pose practice, mostly.

I was feeling emo when I drew this. Think you can tell? :-p

This is a villain from one of my stories. She has this evil nanite tech built into her arm and it’s spreading across her face. One of those villains who has to be evil NOW because she’s probably going to die soon.

Practicing the anime style a little more with this one. My brain is tired and doesn’t want to draw any more. :-p

More Inktober drawings

Our internet was out all week, so I had a fraction more drawing time. Here’s what happened:

This is Tea with Devrim, where the background lines overwhelmed the subject lines. I need to completely re-ink it.

A ghost plays music for his guardian. This is where I discovered the vector layers and went nuts with line weights. Also I’m trying to use more of the CSP resources, like the rose and the music pattern brush.

This pic wants to be colored eventually. I wanted to draw a girl wrapped in a hunter guy’s cloak. Then I went, why? What’s she hiding from? Fortunately, the new Destiny expansion has these creepy nightmare ghost things that float around and whisper to you. I’d hide from them, too.

I didn’t have a ton of time this day, so I went with a silly anime girl and a bunch of ghosts. I might have gotten carried away on the armor crosshatching.

Here is Cayde-6 telling a younger hunter crazy hunter stories. His face is extremely hard to draw and I erased him and started over three times. Fortunately, Google has lots of pics of him. The shading came out a bit rough, but I was running out of time.

And that’s it for this week. Seems I’m a bit more productive when I’m not staring at a screen.

Inktober: Stupid jokes and silhouettes

Been steadily doing arts this week. I had more time for some pics than others, and it shows.

I was going to do real art when I sat down to draw. But then my husband broke level 900 in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and I had to make this joke.

This pic just begs to have a story about it.
“You don’t have to do this.”
“Yes, I do.”
I’ve been watching tutorials that emphasize the importance of silhouettes in art. I found a photo of this girl in a black hood, and thought it was a good time to practice. The pic came out pretty striking.

In this pic, my thoughts about silhouettes competed with my desire to use the sweet tree brush pack I had picked up. It wound up being kind of messy, but I like the flow of the lines around the girl.

Anybody else think Shaxx and Shovel Knight look suspiciously similar? Anybody? I’ve been meaning to draw this stupid joke for ages. 😀

I had half an hour to scribble this pic as fast as I could. I made copious use of Clip Studio Paint’s posable models and perspective ruler. I think CSP must have been made for artists with crushing deadlines, because it lets you draw things very, very fast.

So that’s been this past week’s artwork. It’s fun to draw things in black and white, because it forces me to think about value and texture. I feel a big painting coming on, though. I miss doing color.

I also finished another Destiny fanfic this week, clocking in at just under 200 pages. If you’re familiar with Destiny 2 at all, it’s based on the Lumina questline.

Inktober artwork from this week

Been trying to draw a bit every day for Inktober. Some pics have been better than others, owing to the amount of time I have to work on them. Which is like … an hour, tops.

Got to mess with the a leather jacket texture, still messing with learning these crosshatching brushes.

An extremely fast sketch of a red-naped sapsucker, because I liked the way he’s twisted into a spiral.

Big kick! I want to color this later and add all kinds of explosion special effects and stuff. Also fix some of the mistakes I made because I was drawing fast and my digital model did not want to do this pose. The hips got all deformed. So I need to find, like, real people doing the karate kick thing.

So that’s what I’ve been up to for Inktober this week. Onward and upward! I also now have an art account on Instagram at netraptor01, if you’d like to follow my stuff on there.

Fangirls and inktober

Hurrah for Inktober, the very best time of the year! Wait, it’s not a real holiday? Who says? 😀

Inktober is just when you draw something in pen and ink every day for all of October. Doesn’t have to be any good. It’s just for fun and practice. There are prompts, if you need ideas. I never use them, though. I find I get more blocked on prompts than I do coming up with my own ideas.

So, here’s my first Inktober pic, which took two days:

This was an experiment to use texture brushes and see if I could get a cloth look going. Clip Studio Paint has all these neat textures that I’ve been trying to figure out how to use. I also got to use my belt brush! I’ve been dying to sneak a belt into a pic somewhere.

And here’s a comic about what happens when you find out that you have a fangirl. Worse, when your friends find this out.

This comic took the better part of a week to do. And it was so fun doing the expressions, trying to convey all the emotions happening in each panel. 😀