Experimental comics

So, I’ve been experimenting with visual storytelling more and more lately. Here’s a couple of comics I did to try out different things. First, this one, where my character meets a friend’s character and they nerd out.

This comic was particularly tricky because sitting poses are super hard for me. Especially in a chair. Especially at any kind of an angle. Ugh. This comic was pretty much nothing but posed models and me fiddling with hand and arm and foot placement. But it came out super cute.

So I decided to try something harder.

This comic has a model in one pose, just from different angles. I wanted to try telling a story without words, so hopefully this comic has that going on, just from the pictures. I also kind of went nuts with foilage brushes, so it looks like I slaved on the backgrounds. I also am trying to get better at using only three values.

So those have been my latest art experiments, still trying to learn things and challenge myself.

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