Really big dollar bills (Christmas blog hop)

Earlier this evening, my son asked me, “Is there a bill higher than a 100?”

I replied, “I don’t know, Google it.”

We discovered that only the bills up to $100 are still being printed. However, there are also 500, 1000, 5000, 10k, and 100k bills. They’re still legal tender, and most are in private collections.

“So, who is on the biggest one?” I asked.

Apparently Woodrow Wilson is on the 100k. 10k has Salmon p. Chase, 5k has James Madison, 1k has Grover Cleaveland, and 500 has William McKinley.

I will likely never see one of these dudes outside of the internet. But isn’t that fascinating?

This got the kids interested in the Presidents. So we dug up the Presidents song by Jonathan Coulton. It’s kind of rude and sometimes irreverent, but man, is it a quick way to learn the presidents and a little factoid about them.

Also, it’s pouring rain outside. Never let them tell you it doesn’t rain in the American Southwest, because this year, it’s rained a LOT. The desert is gloriously green.

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3 thoughts on “Really big dollar bills (Christmas blog hop)

  1. It’s amazing to think that there are dollar bills of such a vast amount! Imagine losing it! Ahrgh!!! Lovely to meet another Kezzie, even if you are with two s’s!!!


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