Christmas blog hop day 4

It’s been another gorgeous day here in Tuscon, but it’s begun to cloud up. We’re supposed to have a big storm by the end of the week. I’m glad. Big storms make me want to bake Christmas goodies.

As I write, my husband is playing a puzzle game as the kids watch and give suggestions. The baby is asleep in my lap. It’s just a pleasant, peaceful evening. My favorite!

The baby is a month old today. I feel like my brain is slowly coming back. I’m able to make jokes again and enjoy life. All these things that had become super hard when I was big and pregnant are easy again. As I’ve been cleaning house, I find that I’d let so much slide–like mopping floors. I swept, but I didn’t mop, and boy are my floors bad. But now I have energy and I’m not in pain. Watch out, floors. You’re next!

Sorry this post isn’t very Christmasy. Mostly, today I was occupied with drilling math facts into the kids. Hopefully I’ll have better Christmas blog ideas tomorrow.

One thought on “Christmas blog hop day 4

  1. Your mom and I have been talking about how it’s harder than we thought to blog every day, but I’m glad we’re all doing it. The baby is a month old already? Wow! God be with you, good mama.


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