Magic Weaver cover reveal (and book 1 free!)

I’m jittery with nervousness about this new book’s launch! You’d think that the more books you write, the easier it gets, but it doesn’t.

Here’s the cover:


It’s the fourth book of the Spacetime Legacy, my YA urban fantasy series. It’s been a long time coming, mostly because this particular plotline gave me all kinds of headaches. This is what it’s about:

As a catgirl from another world, Xironi Heartlight spent her childhood trying to blend in with Earth’s humans. She lives with her grandfather in a huge house he expanded with magic, and earns her living by weaving space into tapestries on her magic loom.

When her friend Carda asks for her help to investigate a series of magical thefts, Xironi is caught up in the twisted schemes of an imprisoned sorcerer, and Alatha, the cutthroat politician he has forced to obey his every command. An innocent girl is taking the fall for it – Revi, the ex-assassin Carda has been training in magic.

Now Xironi and Revi, together with Carda and his friends, must hunt down and capture Alatha’s probability ghosts from multiple timelines so that Xironi can weave them back together – before Alatha’s final strike brings the fury of an otherworldly race upon them all.

The bit with Alatha being cut into probability ghosts has been around since book 1. It was just such a huge plotline that we had to give it its own book.

Another thing that stumped me on this book was that it’s a friendship between two girls. Having never had a close girl friendship beyond my sister, I had to read and study what that looks like, and how it works. All those years writing fanfic, and I never wrote two girls who are friends! This was a new frontier for me.

Thankfully I have lovely internet friends who have been willing to point me in the right direction, and correct me when I go astray. Props to Bethany, Rachel, and Mary for critiques, edits, and all-around cheerleading.

The book will launch Tuesday, July 5th, and is available for preorder here. In the meantime, book 1 of the series is free on all retailers! Why not grab it and give it a read? I’ll be dropping the price of the other books soon, so you can grab the whole series for a song.


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