Cronyism (6 authors you must read)

I have a confession to make. When I like an author, I shamelessly stalk them–their other books, their blogs, their Twitter–and sometimes we get to be friends. If I REALLY like a book, I’m not above sending them a private message to obsess over their awesome book.

Now, for big name authors with hundreds of fans, this is probably just annoying. But for lesser-known authors? It’s great fun. So here’s a few authors I’ve found and gotten to be friends with, or wish I could be friends:

Rebecca Minor. I found Becky when she offered her first novella on sale on a writers forum I visited. Although I don’t like elves, I enjoyed her snarky, grouchy hero, and her veiled jabs at Christian fiction tropes. She’s also a talent artist, and runs the ever-more-popular Realm Makers conference.

Her books:


Robert Mullin. He was showing off the cool cover for his new book on the forum I visited. I asked him what it was about. “Soul-eating vampires,” he replied. Ever one to take a chance on a fantasy book containing soul-eating vampires, I snapped it up. I devoured it, and informed him, “This is too good for Christian fiction.”

His books:


Jess E. Owen. I actually happened across her because of following Nambroth on deviantart. She was doing some really gorgeous griffin artwork. Surprise, it was a book cover for this author. I offered to proofread an ARC, and oh man. What at lovely book series it has been. I compared it to the Lion King with griffins early on, but once the backstory gets rolling, and the dragons/wyrms come in, it gets much grander and more dramatic. It’s more like Dragonlance meets Lion King.

Her books:


Rachel Meenan. She used to hang out on my old forums way back in the days. By and by, I heard that she was working on a novel, and asked if she wanted me to beta read it. I did, and advised her to cut the first 11 pages, as well as a lot of other things. Many drafts later, she’s finally published:

Her books:


Heidi Lyn Burke. She’s in my writer’s group on Facebook, and seemed pretty cool, as well as very prolific. She had books coming out all the time. So when the final book of her Dragon series launched, I grabbed the whole series and read them all. I became an instant fan–her books are light, fun, often funny, and heartwarming.


Rachel Aaron/Bach. She was on my radar because of the blogpost about how to write 10k words a day. When I saw one of her books in a book deals newsletter, I snapped it up to try out her stuff. And it was GREAT. I’ve read a lot of lackluster urban fantasy while trying to find somebody as good as Jim Butcher, but Aaron is poised to steal his crown, I think. Her Nice Dragons Finish Last is like a combination of Dresden and Shadowrun–magic, computers, monsters, and psychic hackers.

Her books:


So that’s 6 authors whom you must absolutely must check out if you need a great read. As you can see, my tastes run toward fantasy, so if you’re at all inclined toward fantasy, check them out!

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