Mysterious flying humanoids (secret flying jet suit?)

I heard somewhere that there was this mythos of flying humanoids out here in Arizona. Always being keen to learn more about my current domicile, I started hunting around on the internet.

People see weird stuff in the sky, all right. Aside from Arizona’s copious UFO sightings, I found a bunch of intriguing stuff about flying humans.

From The Truth Behind the Scenes, I found these spiffy photos, taken from folks in Mexico:


As you can see, they resemble a human figure flying on a jetpack of some kind. You can even see the thrusters in some cases.

Then, while poking around, I found this video on Youtube.

It’s labeled “lizard man”, but you can clearly see thruster jets at the end of each limb. To me, it looks more like a really bulky Iron Man, like the MK 1 suit.

Here’s a series of screencaps:


As you can see, the object shown here deforms itself in flight–the way a human would move around arms and legs to control a powered suit in flight. There also seems to be a large jet on the back, and possibly the stomach. It’s more like a human is hooked into a flying frame than a proper suit, maybe.


To wrap up, I think this is some new secret technology being tested by the military. There’s a ton of military bases in Arizona, and people are always seeing weird stuff they’re testing (like the Arizona Mystery Lights, which turned out later to be of terrestrial origin.)


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