Our first Ren Faire visit

Easter was the last day of our local Renaissance Faire. We’d planned to go all month, but it’s only on weekends, and my hubby’s schedule was full of lots of weekends to work. But the stars finally aligned on Easter Sunday. I had gotten some free children’s admission tickets (stockpiled, more like), so it didn’t cost all that much to get in, even with the seven of us.

It was a clear, coolish, breezy day. The fairgrounds are waaaaaay out in the desert, up against the feet of the Superstition Mountains. Gorgeous country, but flat, and already hot.


As you can see, my hubby forgot his hat. As a redhead, this spelled disaster.

One of our first stops was a hat shop. He scored a nice straw hat that saved him from being horribly burned. Next year: sunscreen.


Wizards! This is the point where I remarked, “This is the BEST fair I’ve ever been to!”


Here’s Hubby modeling his new hat. Behind him you can see one of the rides, which was a giant rocking horse. No motors–just the attendants rocking it back and forth. It was so low-tech and ingenious!


Here is the giant slide. Only my son had the nerve to go down, and he said you go down it for a loooooooong time. It would have made a great water slide.


Here’s a fire-swallowing show we attended after lunch. It was all pirate-themed. They even had a tacky shirt with a pirate chest on the front, and the caption, “Nice chest.” On the back it said, “But the booty is even better!”

I saw several people wearing it. It looked exactly the way you think.


The kids all bought Harry Potter wands:

I got this sweet, sweet necklace:


We have plans to take a lot more cash next year. It’s one of those places with so many awesome things to buy that you could easily empty your whole bank account just going, “OOoh! Shiny!”

We’re definitely going back next year.

2 thoughts on “Our first Ren Faire visit

    1. Some of the pictures had so much stuff in them that I just sat and stared. I took pictures of things I never SAW. I understand why there were so many people just sitting everywhere and watching stuff.


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