The surreal world of Minecraft marketing

So, everybody knows Minecraft. It’s kind of a big deal that keeps on getting bigger, especially once the movie comes out.


Although, seriously, it’ll have its work cut out for it to compete with the fan videos.

So, anyway, yeah, we do Minecraft around here.We also watch a ton of the Minecraft Youtube people, like Dan TDM, Stampycat, Captain Sparkles, and so on.

So we’re walking through Walmart’s toy section. As we’re passing by the Minecraft section, I had to stop and stare. In addition to the foam pickaxes and swords, and the toy creepers and ender dragons, there were YouTubers.

AshelyMariee Gaming, Jerome ASF, Vikkstar, and Captain Sparkles.
Dan at the Diamond Minecart, and Professor Trayarus

Dan even kind of looks like his human face. *shudder*

So, as we continued walking on through the Marvel section and such, I realized why they have to turn the YouTubers into toys:

In marketing, you have to sell people. Barbie, Iron Man, the Indominus Rex–all people. The only people Minecraft has are the male and female player characters, Steve and Alex. You can’t build a merchandise empire on that. So–who do we sell? The popular people who PLAY Minecraft! Yeah!

I just hope that Dan and Stampy and all these other people are getting a big fat cut of the royalties.


One thought on “The surreal world of Minecraft marketing

  1. Do you know your blog doesn’t show up in my feed anymore? It is a good thing you post the link in Facebook. Stupid blogger! That is really weird I think to do that. I guess they want to be different still.


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