A short trip to the Phoenix Zoo

I’d been wanting to go to the Phoenix Zoo for a really long time. But with it being so hot last year, and me big and pregnant, we didn’t get to do a thing. So, now that the baby’s big enough to take places, and the weather is cool, I finally finagled a trip.

Crossing the bridge on the way in, we stopped to look at ducks, grebes, fish, and turtles. It was a great start to the trip.
The reptile house in the Desert area was small, and fun. This was the big lizard exhibit, with chuckwallas and collared lizards.
Checking out the collared peccary pen.
“Dayum, them’s some big birds.”
Golden eagles are big. These ones had just been fed, and were sitting possessively on whatever unfortunate animal they’d been fed. The other one was busy ripping its meal to shreds.
The savanna area was really impressive. There were also a zillion people hanging out right here.
The giraffes kept galloping around. I wonder if the noisy people upset them. They look like they’re galloping in slow motion, but they cover, like, twenty feet to a stride.

We only did one tiny corner of the park by noon, and the munchkins were tired and hungry, so we called it a day. There’s a whole bunch of awesome stuff we didn’t see (like the petting zoo), so we’re definitely going back.

2 thoughts on “A short trip to the Phoenix Zoo

  1. How fun!!! I am so glad you finally got to go. It does look very impressive. I would love to see Giraffes gallop around. The pictures of the kids are great!


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