Promo sites used (and my book sales data)

Back in November, I started compiling my book sales results. I forgot to post them, though–having a baby puts a lot of things on the back burner–and I’m just now getting back to it.

Last year I released three short stories and a novel. They all launched in the first half of the year, between January and June, and I spent the rest of the year doing promotions. Here’s the fallout.


As you can see, I had more luck with maintaining author rank when I was doing a monthly run of promotions. I got my list of freebie promo sites in June, and that’s when it does the big jump. Before that, I was promoting like this:

Facebook: Hi guys, I have a new book out.

Twitter: (Ditto)

It sold a few books to friends, but there was a sharp drop-off after that.

Once I got my list of free sites, things improved a bit. I’d actually make 20 bucks a month, sometimes. Here’s the sites I used:

Now, I think if I had had a few bucks to spend, I’d have seen a lot bigger impact with the paid advertising behemoths–BargainBooksy, Freebooksy, One Hundred Free Ebooks (my favorite as a shopper), Fussy Librarian, The Midlist (now dead), Ereader News Today, and the 500-pound gorilla, Bookbub.

Edit: here is a writer who indexed promo sites and their effectiveness.

As you can see, some of these advertisers favor certain genres (like Pretty-hot wants spicy romance). I mixed and matched promos from this list, because they’re free. They have pretty limited reach (each promo only moved about 200 free books), but hey, you get what you pay for.

What I found is that eventually market saturation becomes a problem. Advertising the same books over and over eventually loses its effectiveness. The best promo I could possibly do would be to release a new book or story now and then.

All these books are in Kindle Unlimited, and I’ve made more money off pages read than sales. However, I plan to go wide (publish on Apple, Kobo, and the other readers) once each series is finished. Apparently there’s people who shop outside of Amazon–who knew?

This next year, I’m going to attempt to finish the Spacetime series, the Malevolent trilogy, and release the final story in the Werewolf Romance novella trilogy. I have a cool space opera on the back burner that I’m dying to tackle. Right now I’ve got Spacetime book 4 (Magic Weaver) in edits, the third werewolf book (Outfoxing the Wolf) in edits, Malevolent 2 (Malcontent) due for revisions, and I’m drafting Malevolent 3 (Malicious). As you can see, I’m backlogged in edits. I’m hoping to have Malicious drafted by Easter, then I’m going to tackle those.

All in all, it should make for a much more interesting year, sales-wise! I’m trying to write things that people actually want to read. Once I’ve found that spot of stuff people like, and stuff that I like, the sky’s the limit. šŸ™‚


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