Hobby dragon pets, part 2

I’ve gotten a few more dragons done from H. L. Burke’s Cora and the Nurse Dragon story. Check them out!


Each of these dragons are cat-sized, and would make great pets–if you don’t mind a few minor house fires.

Part 1 of the Hobby Dragon Pets

I’ve been a bit behind on blogging, because I’ve been on a reading binge. Mostly I’ve been cleaning out the books that have been sitting on my Kindle for ages, unread. It’s kind of fun, because I go in to the process expecting to throw out 70% because of the excessively poor writing. So far I’ve only thrown out one, so either the overall quality of books is rising, or I’ve gotten luckier in my choices.

I had to stop halfway through Secchia’s excellent Aranya (dragon shapeshifter!) to reread my own book Malevolent, and its unpublished sequel, Malcontent. I want to draft the third book over Lent, and release the second and third books a month apart.

Boy howdy. Malevolent is good, but Malcontent ratchets up the stakes and action. I was reading a car chase scene, and thinking, I need one of these in book 3, but it needs zombies. Or ghouls. Whichever is scarier.

So if I don’t get any more dragons done for a while, that’s where I am–buried in the third and final Malevolent, trying to come up with something that will entertain you.

4 thoughts on “Hobby dragon pets, part 2

  1. I love your dragons. I always have. I always liked the little ones in the Pern books best too. How fun that you are drawing them yourself. Good job on finishing up your third book.
    Have a wonderful day, with all the munchkins. 🙂


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