Minecraft as history – the Pilgrims

The kids and I have been studying American history. To make sure they understood the events of Jamestown and Plymouth, I couched it in Minecraft terms.

So, you log in to a new map with some guy. He’s never played before.

“Okay, you start out by punching trees to get wood blocks,” you say.

“Nope,” he replies. “I’m a gentleman. Work is beneath me.”

“But,” you say, “when it gets dark, the zombies come out.”

“You do it,” he says.

“I’ll gather my own resources,” you say, starting to feel miffed.

So you punch trees, get wood, make tools, and start gathering stone and coal. The Gentleman wanders around, looking at the scenery and picking flowers.

By night, you have a shelter built. He has nothing. The zombies come out.

“You have to let me in!” he yells from outside.

“No!” you reply. “You should have gathered your own resources!”

Everything goes quiet. The sun comes up, and the Gentleman has vanished.

But as the sun is going down, he appears with a sword and a bow and arrow, kills you, and takes your stuff.

That’s what the gentlemen in Jamestown did to the Indians. 

The Pilgrims at Plymouth, on the other hand …

You log into a new map with your Pilgrim friend. They immediately begin punching trees. They chat pleasantly as they gather stone, mine coal and iron, build furnaces and shelters.

Within a few days, your map looks like this.

And there you are. When it comes to being a pioneer, you want to be a Pilgrim, not a Gentleman.

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