Encouragement for the discouraged creative

I was talking to a friend about writing. Or, rather, juggling our desire to write along with raising kids and running a household. Basically, we each work 60+ hours a week.

Finding time to write isn’t so much the problem–it’s dealing with the tug between the desire to create, and the demands of duty.


Sentinels of the Stars

There’s an old song by Carman that I listen to when I start feeling discouraged–it helps me remember that my desire is the confirmation–the destination is there. I thought that I’d share it today for other young mothers who feel the same way.

You’ve felt in your spirit
God’s shown you something new
Something that has strengthened you
And only you can do
But as your desire grew
You got a little depressed
‘Cause you found no destination
For your dreams to manifest

Your desire is the confirmation
the destination is there
God wouldn’t put it in your spirit if it wasn’t going nowhere
So set your sights on the promises and don’t you be scared
For your desire is the confirmation the destination is there

His vision’s for a certain hour
I know it won’t be late
His promises will strengthen you
If only you will wait
Don’t follow someone else’s dreams
Keep your own in sight
For the vision that God gives
Will keep you all your life

3 thoughts on “Encouragement for the discouraged creative

  1. I have heard many songs by Carman, this isn’t one of them. ha!

    I. so. hear. you.
    Also. The struggle I’m facing is the lack of motivation/inspiration/being brain dead when I finally do sit down to my little carved out time to write. I’ve got two hours four days a week to try to squeeze in everything. But this is just a season. It will pass and by next fall I will be looking at a different routine. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I think all us working-types struggle with this. But then, all the famous authors scraped time to write out of their busy lives, so we can do it, too. 🙂


      1. Exactly. But how much sanity are we willing to sacrifice? Ha! And how will it impact our family? We have so many voices telling us what we should be doing or not doing and how to do the whole parenting/life thing, its a challenge to sift through those above questions and discern the answers for our own family. I do believe it can be done. Keep on keeping on!


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