Thankful at Christmas

We don’t talk much about being thankful at Christmastime. I think, though, that we need it more than ever, what with being busy and stressed.

I was feeling sorry for myself today–unable to go anywhere, stuck inside all the time, with a baby who, while she sleeps at night, prefers to stay awake as much of the day as possible. 
But then I thought, “You know, I have so much to be thankful for, it’s not even funny!”

I’m so thankful that this new baby is healthy and growing like crazy. We have enough to eat, my hubby has a steady job, our home life is stable. So many Christmases, we lacked one or more of those things. All I have to do is remember, and the thankfulness overwhelms me.

I’m so thankful for our families, who love us across geographical distance (which sometimes feels like time and space!). I’m thankful for so many good memories of other holidays, with many more to come.

After all, there was a baby involved at the first Christmas, too. Mary stayed cloistered for most of her pregnancy–talk about not getting out much! So I’m in good company.

One thought on “Thankful at Christmas

  1. What a lovely post. Somehow when I had a new baby, it always made it seem like it was the best Christmas ever. I could really understand the baby in a manger in a new level. You are in a wonderful place.
    Lovely pictures of the babies.


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