Asteroid mining, and DNA information storage

Some interesting news stories hit my newsfeed this week. Check it out:

New US Space Mining Law to Spark Interplanetary Gold Rush. On the 25th, Pres. Obama signed a law that gives the private space companies eight years to get into space and collect all the spoils they can from our local asteroids. They have a number of huge goals–namely, finding water, and building refueling stations on various asteroids. Can they do it before 2023? We’ll see!

Asteroid Mining Facility by Gabriel-BS
Meanwhile, DNA allows all the world’s data to be stored in 9 liters of liquid. No joke. These guys are already storing data in DNA and retrieving it with very few errors. Those science fiction stories about living people being turned into internet servers just took on new, horrifying reality.

And then when you cross Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, you get this:


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