Cover artist showcase: Jeff Brown Graphics

Jeff Brown is a professional concept artist, and he offers his skills for book covers. They run about $450, but they’re well worth it, don’t you think?

zombie_ambush_by_jbrown67-d8gnal420_year_plane_wreck_by_jbrown67-d8yqubjspacecraft_carrier_by_jbrown67-d8v6yyvthe_applicant_by_jbrown67-d8mwnhkspace_map_by_jbrown67-d98pjw2desert_ruins_by_jbrown67-d8dv7fzunderworld_by_jbrown67-d894efpturos_tem_by_jbrown67-d8uypjaancient_mesopotamia_by_jbrown67-d61mbsqancient_pillars_by_jbrown67-d8tvkgkmetal_planet_invasion_by_jbrown67-d8tcjdecrystal_tower_by_jbrown67-d8wf58gCapital Shipghoul_stone_by_jbrown67-d7q91kl

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