A tiny Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was tricky this year–it was my due date, and I always deliver babies ahead of the date. My parents came to town the week before, to watch kids, and celebrate our youngest’ second birthday.

We had a very nice week leading up to Thanksgiving–well, aside from the tension of waiting for me to go into labor.

By Tuesday, though, we were all getting anxious. It was nearly time for my folks to head home, and there was nobody else to watch the kids. So we all started praying, friends and family alike.

I went into labor at 2 AM Wednesday morning, and the baby was born by 10 AM.


Her name is Sophia, and she was 8 lbs even. The doctor kept laughing at me because she was so big.

The hospital released me on Thursday, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. It was lovely to be home and eat food that wasn’t hospital fare. Give me calories, man! I’ve got a baby to feed!

Then my folks headed home, and life is settling down. I’m very, very thankful that everything worked out so perfectly.

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