Accidental water adventures

Over the weekend, we headed down to the mall in Chandler. We thought we’d get there right at ten, beat the crowds, grab our purchases, and get home in time for lunch.

As it turned out, on Sundays, the mall opens at 10, but the shops open at 11.

So there we were, wandering a mostly-empty mall with the mall-walkers, unable to do our errand. So we wound up in the outdoors food court, which had been massively remodeled since we were there.


Among other things, they had replaced the fountain that never worked with a splash pad.


So the kids spent a happy half an hour getting really, really wet.


We’d never been to a splash pad before, and since it was so early, we had the place to ourselves. The kids had a blast.

Then the thunderstorms started rolling in. I snapped a picture of a pretty decent rainbow, when it was raining, but the sun was low enough to shine straight under the clouds. Weird weather!


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