Inktober and homeschooling

A few more inktober pics!


This year for school, I had planned a very laid-back year–having a baby due at the end of November kind of throws off all my grand academic plans. I found at the end of the summer (loads of printable worksheets for preschool to 5th grade), and realized that I’d struck gold. So many customizable curriculum options at my fingertips! So we started doing those, in addition to some mathbooks and a very nice dictation book.

Then I read about Thomas Jefferson Education. It’s more or less what we were already doing–I just tried to harness it a little more intentionally. Basically, you work on your kids’ character, as well as studying things that interest them. I couldn’t ever really do “unschooling”, because my kids do much better with a predictable routine and structure–but Thomas Jefferson ed seemed to fit the sort of structured-yet-unregimented style I was looking for.


So, one morning when the kids made “aquariums” out of glass cups, with water and the stamens of flowers for “jellyfish”, I embraced it. We checked out books on jellyfish from the library, and watched documentaries, and colored pages about the jellyfish lifecycle. The kids can now tell you the difference between a true jellyfish and a false one, that the top is called the “bell”, and a full-grown jellyfish is a medusa, and how baby jellyfish stick to the rock like a plant until it’s ready to break free.

This week, because Halloween is coming on, we’re doing bats. All things bats. Every day we discuss echolocation, and bat babies, and what it would be like to be a bat. Likely I’ll be drawing bats for my next Inktober pic.

We’re still drilling math facts, spelling, writing, and all that good stuff. I also ambitiously started reading Lord of the Rings aloud, buuuuut I think I’m going to switch to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here pretty soon. LOTR might need to wait until later. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Inktober and homeschooling

  1. What fun!!! I think it sounds like a very fun workable kind of school year for a new baby.
    I bet it will be one they remember forever and ever. I like your drawings today.


  2. That sounds so fun about the jellyfish! I take a similar approach by having a basic structure for the essentials but then embracing the things they’re interested in as a opportunity for more learning. I think it’s also called “delight-directed learning.” If I see a spark, I try to fan the flame more. 🙂 I DO need to get myself to a library, though. I haven’t had a library card in two years. It’s just so tricky navigating that kind of place with so many littles! For now, I may take the approach one blogger wrote about, where she went to the library in the evenings by herself, and gathered a selection of books in the topics that interest her kids, to use for the week.

    What do you use for working on character?


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